Volume 21 — 2009

Issue 1, February 2009

“They’ll Change What They’re Doing If They Know that You’re Watching”: Measuring Reactivity in Health Behavior Because of an Observer’s Presence  A Case from the Peruvian Amazon.  Steven A. Harvey, Maribel Paredes Olórtegui, Elli Leontsini, and Peter J. Winch

Using Nonmedically Trained Interviewers to Collect Biomeasures in a National In-home Survey. Angela Jaszczak, Katie Lundeen, and Stephen Smith

Estimating Household Water Use: A Comparison of Diary, Prompted Recall, and Free Recall Methods. Amber Wutich.

Nonresponse in the Dutch Time Use Survey: Strategies for Response Enhancement and Bias Reduction. Erik Van Ingen, Ineke Stoop, and Koen Breedveld.

Excel as a Qualitative Data Analysis Tool. Daniel Z. Meyer and Leanne M. Avery.  

Issue 2, May 2009

Respondent Debriefings Conducted by Experts: A Technique for Questionnaire Evaluation. Elizabeth Nichols and Jennifer Hunter Childs. 

Participant Observation and Phased Assertion as Research Strategies in the Canadian Arctic. Peter Collings.

From Interviews to Social Network Analysis: An Approach for Revealing Social Networks Embedded in Narrative Data. Willie  McKethoer, Julia C. Gluesing, and Kenneth Riopelle.

The Field Site as a Network: A strategy for Locating Ethnographic Research. Jenna Burrell.

Design of Web Questionnaires: The Effects of the Number of Items per Screen. Vera Toepel, Marcel Das, and Arthur van Soest.