Volume 19 — 2007

Issue 1, February 2007

The Stories Metaphors Tell: Metaphors as a Tool to Decipher Tacit Aspects in Narratives. Thomas Steger

Validity and Reliability of Qualitative Data Analysis: Interobserver Agreement in Reconstructing Interpretive Frames. Margaret Moret, Rob Reuzel, Gert Jan van der Wilt, and John Grin

Adapting Life History Calendars for Qualitative Research on Welfare Transitions. Deborah A. Harris, and Domenico "Mimmo" Parisi.

Using Text Messages in U.S. Mobile Phone Surveys. Charlotte Steeh, Trent D. Buskirk, and Mario Callegaro

The Influence of Visual Stimuli in Ethnobotanical Data Collection Using the Listing Task Method. Tatiana Mota Miranda, Maria Christina de Mello Amorozo, Jos Slvio Govone, and Daniela Mota Miranda

Review Essay: QDA Miner 2.0: Mixed-Model Qualitative Data Analysis Software. R. Barry Lewis and Steven M. Maas

Issue 2, May 2007

Special Issue: Personal Social Networks. Special Issue Editor: Barry Wellman

Challenges in Collecting Personal Network Data: The Nature of Personal Network Analysis. Barry Wellman

Visualizing Personal Networks: Working with Participant-aided Sociograms. Bernie Hogan, Juan Antonio Carrasco, and Barry Wellman

A Comparison of Social Network Mapping and Personal Network Visualization. Christopher McCarty, Jos Luis Molina, Claudia Aguilar, and Laura Rota

Simplifying the Personal Network Name Generator: Alternatives to Traditional Multiple and Single Name Generators. Alexandra Marin and Keith N. Hampton

Contact Diaries: Building Archives of Actual and Comprehensive Personal Networks. Yang-chih Fu

Describing Changes in Personal Networks over Time. Scott L. Feld, J. Jill Suitor, and Jordana Gartner Hoegh

Issue 3, August 2007

Visualizing Proximity Data. Rich DeJordy, Stephen P. Borgatti, Chris Roussin, and Daniel S. Halgin

Methods for Translating and English-Language Survey Questionnaire on Tobacco Use into Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Barbara H. Forsyth, Martha Stapleton Kudela, Kerry Levin, Deirdre Lawrence, and Gordon B. Willis

Video-Based Research Made "Easy": Methodological Lessons Learned from the TIMSS Video Studies. Jennifer K. Jacobs, Hilary Hollingsworth, and Karen B. Givvin

Grabbing the Audience: Correlates of Contactability in Visitor Studies. Henk Roose

Measures of Desirability Beliefs and Their Validity as Indicators for Socially Disirable Responding. Volker Stock and Christian Hunkler

Issue 4, November 2007

Cultural Consensus Theory: Applications and Frequently Asked Questions. Susan C. Weller

Accessing Married Adolescent Women: The Realities of Ethnographic Research in an Urban Slum Environment in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sabina Faiz Rashid

Contemporary Challenges of Participatory Field Research for Land Use Change Analyses: Examples from Kenya. Thomas A. Smucker, David J. Campbell, Jennifer M. Olson, and Elizabeth E. Wangui

Semantic Frameworks: Methodological Reflections on How to Understand Mekeo "Sorcery" and "Magic."Steen Bergendorff

Negotiating and Securing Access: Reflections from a Study into Urban Regeneration and Community Participation in Ethnically Diverse Neighborhoods in London, England. Paul J. Maginn