Volume 18 — 2006

Issue 1, February 2006

Using Mixed-Methods Sequential Explanatory Design: From Theory to Practice. Natalia V. Ivankova, John W. Creswell, and Sheldon L. Stick

Kuru Truths: Obtaining Fore Narrative. Annette N. Beasley

Sampling with Field Burden Constraints: An Application to Sheltered Homeless and Low-Income Housed Women. Marc N. Elliott, Daniela Golinelli, Katrin Hambarsoomian, Judith Perlman, and Suzanne L. Wenzel

How Many Interviews Are Enough?: An Experiment with Data Saturation and Variability. Greg Guest, Arwen Bruce, and Laura Johnson

Fieldworker or Foreigner?: Ethnographic Interviewing in Nonnative Languages. Michaela R. Winchatz

Revising the Cultural Significance Index: The Case of the Fulni-ô in Northeastern Brazil. Valdeline Atanazio da Silva, Laise de Holanda Cavalcanti Andrade, and Ulysses Paulino de Albuquerque

Issue 2, May 2006

The Active Participant-Observer: Applying Social Role Analysis to Participant Observation. Jeffrey C. Johnson, Christine Avenarius, and Jack Weatherford

Adaptation of Venue-Day-Time Sampling in Southeast Asia to Access Men Who Have Sex with Men for HIV Assessment in Bangkok. Gordon Mansergh, Sathapana Naorat, Rapeepun Jommaroeng, Richard A. Jenkins, Supaporn Jeeyapant, Kamolset Kanggarnrua, Praphan Phanuphak, Jordan W. Tappero, and Frits van Griensven

Communication Problems Between Researchers and Informants With Speech Difficulties: Methodological and Analytic Issues. Jacqueline Low

Effort in Phone Survey Response Rates: The Effects of Vendor and Client-Controlled Factors. Christopher McCarty, Mark House, Jeffrey Harman, and Scott Richards

Child Survival in Affluence and Poverty: Ethics and Fieldwork Experiences from Iceland and Guinea-Bissau. Jnna Einarsdttir

An Investigation of the Effect of Lotteries on Web Survey Response Rates. Dirk Heerwegh

Issue 3, August 2006

An Exploratory Study about Inaccuracy and Invalidity in Adolescent Self-Report Surveys. Xitao Fan, Brent C. Miller, Kyung-Eun Park, Bryan W. Winward, Mathew Christensen, Harold D. Grotevant, and Robert H. Tai

Using Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software to Develop a Grounded Theory Project. Joy D. Bringer, Lynne Halley Johnston, and Celia H. Brackenridge

Video Computer-Assisted Self-Administered Interviews for Deaf Respondents. Joachim Gerich and Roland Lehner

Collecting Data among Ethnic Minorities in an International Perspective. Remco Feskens, Joop Hox, Gerty Lensvelt-Mulders, and Hans Schmeets

Predicting the Persistence and Performance of Newly Recruited Telephone Interviewers. Michael W. Link

An Experiment with Data Collection Modes and Incentives in the Dutch Family and Fertility Survey for Young Moroccans and Turks. Jan A. van den Brakel, Rachel Vis-Visschers, and J. J. G. Schmeets

Analyzing Interviewer/Respondent Interactions while Using a Mobile Computer-Assisted Personal Interview Device. Jennifer Hunter Childs and Ashley Landreth

Book Review: The Sage Handbook of Fieldwork. Raymond M. Lee

Issue 4, November 2006

Persuasive Encounters: Ethnography in the Corporation. Brigitte Jordan and Brinda Dalal

Handheld Computers for Direct Observation of the Social and Physical Environment.
Clarence C. Gravlee, Shannon N. Zenk, Sachicko Woods, Zachary Rowe, and Amy J. Schulz

Comparative Cultural Salience: Measures Using Free-List Data.
Eric C. Thompson and Zhang Juan

Analyzing Qualitative Data: Health Care Experiences of Women with Gynecological Cancer.
Milica Markovic

Review Essay

The Use of The Observer 5.0 and a Psion Handheld Computer in a Remote Fieldwork Setting.Jeremy Koster