Volume 15 — 2003

Issue 1, February 2003

Accessing Children’s Experiences of Loneliness through Conversations. Anna Kirova

Prayer, Contentious Politics, and the Women of the Wall: The Benefits of Collaboration in Participant Observation at Intense Multifocal Events. Steven V. Mazie and Patricia J. Woods

Comparing Indicators of Knowledge within and between Cultural Domains. Christopher A. Furlow

Beyond the Qualitative Interview: Data Preparation and Transcription. Eleanor McLellan, Kathleen MacQueen, and Judith L. Neidig

Techniques to Identify Themes. Gery W. Ryan and H. Russell Bernard

Issue 2, May 2003

Too Many Questions? The Uses of Incomplete Cyclic Designs for Paired Comparisons. Michael Burton

Analysis of the Unconventional Political Action Scale: Results in Spain. Juan Sebastian Fernández Prados and Antonio José Rojas Tejada

Adaptation of the Weighed Food Record Method to Households in the Peruvian Andes and Ethnographic Insights on Hunger. Margaret A. Graham

Active Interview Tactics in Research on Public Deviants: Exploring the Two-Cop Personas. Andrew D. Hathaway and Michael Atkinson

Distinguishing the Trees from the Forest: Applying Cluster Analysis to Thematic Qualitative Data. Greg Guest and Eleanor McLelland

Using Informants’ Judgments to Infer Attributes in Dynamic Domains. Bruce E. Tonn and Frederick G. Conrad

Issue 3, August 2003

Computer-Assisted Self-Interviewing Tailored for Special Populations and Topics. Edith de Leeuw, Joop Hox, and Sabina Kef

Illuminating Spaces: Relational Spaces, Complicity, and Multistited Ethnography. Leif C. Gustavson and Joseph D. Cytrynbaum

Using Paired Comarisons to Measure Reciprocity. E. Paul Durrenberger

Validity of Self-Reports to Measure Deforestation: Evidence from the Bolivian Highlands. Vincent Vadez, Victoria Reyes-García, Ricardo Godoy, Luke Williams, Lilian Apaza, Elizabeth Byron, Tomás Huanca, William R. Leonard, Eddy Pérez, and David Wilkie

Household Composition Timeline. Heather McIlvaine-Newsad, Amy Sullivan, and Michael Doughtery

Issue 4, November 2003

Special Section: Articles on Qualitative Comparative analysis

Complexity, Generosity, and Qualitative Comparative Analysis. Charles C. Ragin, David Shulman, Adam Weinberg, and Brian Gran

The Causes of Village Cooperation: Comment on Ragin, Shulman, Weinberg, and Gran. Robert Hunter Wade and Markus Goldstein

Bridging the Gap between the Qualitative and Quantitative Worlds? A Retrospective and Prospective View on Qualitative Comparative Analysis. Benhoît Rihoux


Understanding Transnational Processes: Modeling Migration Outcomes in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico. Jeffrey H. Cohen, Alicia Sylvia Gijón-Cruz, Rafael G. Reyes-Morales, and Garry Chick

Sample Reporting in Qualitative Studies of Women and HIV Infection. Julie Barrosso and Margarete Sandelowski

EthnoNotes: An Internet-Based Field Note Management Tool. Eli Lieber, Thomas S. Weisner, and Matthew Presley