Volume 13 — 2001

Issue 1, February 2001

Can Qualitative Research Produce Reliable Quantitative Findings? Edward C. Green

Behavior Sampling and Ethnography: Complementary Methods for Understanding Home-School Connections among Latino Immigrant Families. Thomas Weisner, Gery W. Ryan, Leslie Reese, Kendall Kroesen, Lucinda Bernheimer, and Ronald Gallimore

Bias as a Research Strategy in Participant Observation: The Case of Intergroup Conflict. John Drury and Clifford Scott

Cultural Performance Analysis Spheres: An Integrated Ethnographic Methodology. Kristin Bervig Valentine and Gordon Matsumoto

Short Takes. What Can Digital Audio Data Sets Do for You? R. Shawn Maloney and Michael Paolisso

Short Takes. How to Reduce an Unwritten Language to Writing: III. Phonetic Similarity, Suspicious Pairs, and Minimal Pairs. Oswald Werner

Review Essay. Ethnographer’s Toolkit, by Jean J. Schensul and Margaret D. LeCompte. Linda Garro

Issue 2, May 2001

Demonstrating Pertex: A New Method for Improving Text Interpretation. Helge Helmersson and Jan Mattsson

A Methodological Model for Rapid Assessment, Response, and Evaluation: The RARE Program in Public Health. Robert T. Trotter, II, Richard H. Needle, Eric Goosby, Christopher Bates, and Merrill Singer

Maximizing the Rigor of Action Research: Why Would You Want to? How Could You? Mary J. Melrose

Handheld Computers as Tools for Writing and Managing Field Data. Paul D. Greene

Using Electronic Scanning Forms for Data Entry. Susan C. Weller and Roberta D. Baer

Ethnographic Mapmaking: Part I — Principles. Lawrence A. Kuznar and Oswald Werner

Review: The Politics of Large Numbers: A History of Statistical Reasoning, by Alain Desrosières. Michael Chibnik

Review: Analysis of Health Surveys, by Edward L. Korn and Barry I. Graubard. Jim Lepkowski.  

Issue 3, August 2001

Field Science Ethnography: Methods for Systematic Observation on an Arctic Expedition. William J. Clancy

Using Emergy Analysis in Ethnographic Field Research. Jorge M. Rocha

List Task and a Cognitive Salience Index. Urmas Sutrop

The consensus Group Technique in Social Research. Dennis List

Short Takes. Ethnographic Mapmaking: Part 2–Practical Concerns and Triangulation. Oswald Werner and Lawrence A. Kuznar

Review Essay. Document of Life 2, by Ken Plummer. Raymond M. Lee

Issue 4, November 2001

What We Learned from a Photographic Component in a Study of Latino Children’s Health. Lauren Clark and Lorena Zimmer

A Case in Case Study Methodology. Christine Benedichte Meyer

Another Complex Step: A Model of Heroin Experimentation. Michael H. Agar

Research Uses of the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. Raymond M. Lee

Learning to Find Out: Theories of Knowledge and Learning in Field Research. Cati Coe

Review: Narrative Inquiry: Experience and Story in Qualitative Research, by D. Jean Clandinin and F. Michael Connelly. Judith Preissle

Review: Grounding Grounded Theory: Guidelines for Qualitative Inquiry, by Ian Dey. Janet W. Salaff