h1>Table of Contents — Volume 9

Issue 1, February 1997

Developing Categories for Interview Data: Consequences of Different Coding and Analysis Strategies in Understanding Text: Part 2. Karen A. Jehn and Lorna Doucet

Sampling Guidelines for Cultural Data. W. Penn Handwerker, Jeanne Hatcherson, and Julie Herbert

Short Take 21: Multistage Translation. Oswald Werner

Anthropological Research and the Freedom of Information Act. David H. Price

Animated Images: A New Tool for Web-Based Anthropology. By Glenn Davis Stone. Also available at Glenn Stone’s website: Demo for the “Animated Images” article

Issue 2, June 1997

Doing Fieldwork with Diabetes. Candice Bradley

Conducting a Survey in a Newly Developed Country. Ari Nave

Short Take 22: Converting Decision Tables to Flow Charts with DTREDUCER. Oswald Werner

Stata: Statistical Software for Windows, DOS, Macintosh, and Unix. R. Barry Lewis

Issue 3, October 1997

A Computer Simulation Approach to Cultural Dynamics and Change. Cathy Small and Virginia Blankenship

A Measure of Dichotomous Category Bias in Free Listing Tasks. Michael C. Robbins and Justin M. Nolan

Transforming Ethnography, Reinventing Research. Brigitte Jordan

Book Review: A Conceptual Introduction to Modeling: Qualitative and Quantitative Perspectives, by David W. Britt. Reviewed by Bryan Byrne

Short Take 23: Protection of Human Subjects and Ethnographic Photography. Lauren Clark and Oswald Werner