Table of Contents — Volume 8

Issue 1, February 1996

Constructing Likert Scales: Testing the Validity and Reliability of Single Measures of Multidimensional Variables. W. Penn Handwerker

A Critical Assessment of a Street Youth Health Survey. Stephanie Ann Farquhar

Qualitative Data, Quantitative Analysis. H. Russell Bernard

Short Take 18: Notation for Transcribing Conversations and Interviews. Oswald Werner

Issue 2, June 1996

Using Folio Views for Qualitative Data Analysis. Norman Buchignani.

The Use of CATPAC for Text Analysis. Marya L. Doerfel and George A. Barnett

Words as Actors: A Method for Doing Semantic Network Analysis. Michael Schnegg and H. Russell Bernard

A Hard Day’s Work: Measuring Women’s Work in Anthropological Research. Kirsten D. Senturia

Short Take 19: Ethnographic Photography. Part 1. Oswald Werner

Developing Categories from Interview Data: Text Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling. Part 1. Karen A. Jehn and Lorna Doucet

Issue 3, October 1996

Intercoder Agreement in Analysis of Responses to Open-Ended Interview Questions: Examples from Tuberculosis Research. James W. Carey, Mark Morgan, and Margaret Oxtoby

Culture and Blood Pressure: Using Consensus Analysis to Create a Measurement. William W. Dressler

Short Take 20: Native Outlines for Ethnographies. Oswald Werner

Ethnography, the Life Course, and the Use of Event Calendars: A Research Note. Peter W. Van Arsdale

Analyzing Words in Brief Descriptions: Fathers and Mothers Describe Their Children. Gery Ryan and Thomas Weisner