Table of Contents — Volume 10

Issue 1, February 1998

Short Take 24: Do We Need Standards for Ethnography? Oswald Werner

Pairing General Purpose Computer Programs to Analyze Qualitative Data. Jon Wagner

Anthropological Research among Mainland Chinese Refugees in Metro Toronto. Guang Tian

CDC EZ-Text: Software for Management and Analysis of Semistructured Qualitative Data Sets. James W. Carey, Patrick H. Wenzel, Cindy Reilly, John Sheridan, and Jill M. Steinberg

Issue 2, June 1998

Logistic Regression: Drug Use in Barbados. W. Penn Handwerker

Short Take 25: Referencing Native Consultants. Oswald Werner

Codebook Development for Team-Based Qualitative Research. Kathleen M. MacQueen, Eleanor McLelland, Kelly Kay, and Bobby Milstein

Who’s on First?: Genealogies with Family Tree Maker®. R. Barry Lewis

Issue 3, October 1998

ATLAS/ti and NUD*IST: A Comparative Review of Two Leading Qualitative Data Analysis Packages. R. Barry Lewis

The Socioeconomic Correlates of Error in the Estimation of Agricultural Field Size: An Experimental Study among the Tawahka Indians of Honduras. Ricardo Godoy, Peter Kostoshack, David Wilkie, and Kathleen O’Neill

Short Take 26: Ethnographic Photographs Converted to Line Drawings. Oswald Werner and Lauren Clark

Stationary Spot Behavior and Extended Observation: Adapting Time Allocation to Marketplaces. Robin O’Brian